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Wedding & Party Music – How To Spice Up Your Next Event 

When it comes to wedding and party music,  it’s always good to have a wide variety of music available for every type of event.It’s also good to have various remixes of songs for different situations.

Whether its a remix of a pop song that just got released or a cool new remix of a Beatles song, there are loads of remixes out there. Sometimes it can be hard to to keep up with the flood of music that gets put online since anyone can make a remix and post it up on sites like soundcloud, mixcloud or youtube.

As a wedding DJ , I love spicing up my DJ sets with remixes of songs that people already know. If there’s a really popular song that might sound a bit too slow for dancing, i’ll try to find an uptempo remix to play. If you need some ideas try soundcloud or youtube. Please note however that some artists and or music might have copyright on them and you will need permission to use them. As normal there is a catch to using youtube and the like. This music has been compressed and available for download at a low quality. Once music has been compressed there is no way of downloading or upgrading the song ( no matter what dowloader you use ) in to a better quality song. Contact the producer or artist and ask for a better quality download , no lower than an mp3 at 320kbps.

Many DJ’s like myself also like to remix or make custom edits of songs to play at events.( using original high quality lossless music ) We normally use remixes and mashup late in the evening and at the after party. If the mashup is done correctly and not over the top it should allow both older and newer genre’s to enjoy the same song.

Below are some remixes to give you an idea of what can be done .


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