How Important Is The Music At Your Wedding ?

//How Important Is The Music At Your Wedding ?

How Important Is The Music At Your Wedding ?

Wedding Music: How Important is it Really?

Planning a wedding can be very stressful and definitely not for the faint hearted . From the guest lists to food to alterations and decorations, the details of this momentous occasion really are critical. One bad decision can land you with a set of issues that will forever plague your memory and in turn, everyone else’s too.
Keeping this in mind, one thing that is often times overlooked is the entertainment, specifically the music. Sure, decorations and dresses fill everyone’s eye during the ceremony, but, the real fun happens at the reception.
During that time of photography, guests are sipping on cocktails and mingling and often times…waiting. They wait and then once the bride and groom arrive, they still wait, for speeches, and food service.

However, the right entertainment can help allow guests to feel as though the waiting is actually not waiting at all. They can meet and greet other couples and guest, even make allowances for hair to be let down a bit.
In terms of pre reception music, it’s more than just “background” noise to fill the air so that the venue doesn’t seem too quiet. The right music for those moments really can add to the festivities and allow people to really feel like they are at a party – a celebration. But, many people tend to hire a (cheap) cheesy DJ and somehow hoping that this person will know what to do automatically. There are more experienced DJs’ that actually take time to help plan and layout exactly what is the perfect choice of music at the perfect times in the reception, allowing for more than just a playlist roll.

A successful reception is actually more than just how many people are on the dance floor. It’s about allowing the guests to celebrate and truly feel a part of the whole wedding experience. This happens with special moments that can only be executed with a little planning.
Creating a list of must-haves songs and meeting with the DJ in advance is a must, as they can get more of an idea on what the overall theme is for your wedding. An experienced DJ can actually make sure your whole reception creates and sustains a lasting impression. After all, the reception is the finale for wedding guests and is likely to be one of the most memorable parts.

Music At Your Wedding

Since music played in the wedding can be heard by everyone and is crucial for setting up the right mood of the wedding party, it should be selected with utmost caution. For selecting the right kind of music for your wedding there are a few tips to remember.

Firstly it is essential to remember that music should not cater to only a single age group. This is because in every wedding there are people who belong to different age groups starting from children, teenagers, youth, to the elders. Thus, if music is of the choice of only one age group then the others will tend to get bored and sometimes even frustrated.
Second most important thing to remember while choosing your wedding playlist is that it should not contain any songs that may sound awkward or annoying when played aloud in an audience. There are many songs in your I-pod that you may personally like but they may not be very decent to be played when you are being accompanied by your mother and grandmother.
Another thing that should be considered while selecting the songs for your wedding is that they should not all be dance numbers as a wedding should not have a complete dance party feel to it.
Next point to remember is selecting the right DJ or band. Make sure whatever you hire for the music requirements of your wedding, be it a band or a DJ, you explain your music specifications as well as any restrictions very clear to them. A DJ can be hired when your wedding is more of a fun affair and a band could be a good option when you want to give an old school feel to your wedding.

8 Reasons why music is important for your wedding

We’ve heard it countless times: “Entertainment is an integral and meaningful aspect of every wedding.” According to a survey, around 81% of wedding guests said that the wedding entertainment was the one thing they remembered most. Despite this fact however, many engaged couples still don’t put wedding music on top of their planning priorities.

1. This is what your guest will remember more than anything else

As mentioned earlier, wedding entertainment is what guests will remember most. Not all of them will remember the type of flowers on your bouquet, or the number of tiers on your wedding cake, or the colour your table napkins. They might remember what they had for a starter, but they will definitely remember the wedding dj that rocked your party and got your father-in-law dancing all night on the dance floor.

2. It sets the tone for the day

Your wedding music is like the soundtrack of your wedding ceremony. It sets the right atmosphere and allows guests to take part in the joy of your union. Without music (or with the wrong playlist), chances are most guests would leave right after eating.

To ensure that the music would really set the mood of your wedding day (instead of kill it), discuss your ideas with your dj company. These professionals can assist you in matching the type of music to your wedding theme, decor and food. For example, a classy and elegant wedding would be great with classical pre reception music while a vintage-style wedding will be perfect with jazz & blues .

3. Great music gets the crowd energised

Great music energises the crowd and an energised crowd makes a great party. Music amplifies the happiness of the couple’s newlywed status, and gets everyone in the mood to celebrate.

A professional wedding dj creates a festive vibe and keeps the party going. They know how to get your guests out of their seats and happily on their feet until it’s time to go home.

4.It brings people together

Weddings are huge gatherings that involve friends and family from all walks of life and generations. Apart from alcohol, music helps break social barriers among guests and makes them loosen up. Mingling with people without music can be terribly awkward.

Dancing also brings perfect strangers together. It helps guests meet new people without having to go through the uncomfortable phase. With party dances, you’ll be swapping partners all the time. After the dance, you’ll be exchanging smiles with the people you’ve just met.

5. It keeps the guests awake

Your older aunts and uncles might not be able to stay on the dance floor as long as the other guests, but they’re far from sleepy. Great music plus great performers keep everyone wide awake, alert, and tapping their feet to the beat.

6. It entertains guests , young and old

Professional wedding dj’s  know how to give your guests – regardless of age – a fun and happy time.  Professional wedding dj’s can play anything from the classics up to modern party music. They also know how to blend songs best suited for your celebration.

7. It showcases your personality

Your choice of music is a great way to put a personal mark on one of the most important days of your lives. It reflects your taste as a couple and allows you show your guests what your fun-loving tastes are like. Aside from that, good music can also help you wow the crowd with your amazing dance moves.

8. It gives people something to talk about

If your guests had a great time on the dance floor, they will literally talk about it – for ages! Plus, everyone will be trying to follow your style.


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